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金沙官网直营网:Aberdeen standard investment management: alternative investment allocation is expected to increase

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内容摘要: On January 10, at the Abbott Standard Investment Management Communication Conference, experts believe that although the current Fed's impac...

On January 10, at the Abbott Standard Investment Management Communication Conference, experts believe that although the current Fed's impact on the market is not significant, if the global economy continues to expand, the central banks may adopt austerity measures and market volatility may be Increase. As the relevant reform measures continue to advance, China's future is expected to achieve more sustained growth.

Aberdeen Standard Investment Management Asia Pacific Head of Multi-Asset Solutions Wu Li-ru said the valuation of advanced economies in bonds and stocks is expensive and the traditional allocation strategy is becoming increasingly difficult to meet investors' long-term goals. In the coming year, the rewards of assuming the same investment risk will likely decline. While controlling the downside risk to returns, investors should step out of the traditional investment framework to diversify their investments into broader and less relevant asset classes, including infrastructures and alternative liquid investments.

She further analyzed and looked at the global market, even though the consolidation may occur in the short term, the attractiveness of emerging market valuations is still higher than that of developed markets. The Japanese economy has benefited from a number of cyclical factors such as rising consumer demand, weaker infrastructure spending and a weaker yen, along with the gradual emergence of structural reforms that may have outperformed expectations. In addition, she is optimistic about the strong recovery of Europe.

In terms of fixed income, Donald Amstad, director of investment product specialization for Asia Pacific at Aberdeen Standard Investment Management, said that the environmental ideals of most emerging market economies covered by the Standard Emerging Market Local Bonds Index are not only sound economic growth but also inflation-controlled , Government debt is also at a low level. Emerging market local currency sovereign bonds yield more attractive than developed markets. Due to the strong economic growth in India, India is more bullish on the prospect of the bond market. Zhu Man days

Aberdeen Standard Investment Management Asia Private Equity, Co-director, said institutional investors around the world the increasing allocations to alternative investments, including private equity, private debt and infrastructure, in particular bear insurance management long-term debt pressure Companies, this trend is expected to continue. Private equity generally provides a non-liquidity risk premium that is higher than the return on the shares of a listed company. The key to better risk-adjusted returns on investment is to identify private equity projects with relatively low market efficiency and to adopt more sophisticated and diversified investment methods.





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